UC's team and organisational structure is designed to be Volunteer driven and Collaborative

UC stands for the following ideas:

  1. The UC smiley logo is a combination of the letters U and C, and stands for the smiles, satisfaction and happiness that UC would strive to deliver to its stakeholders.
  2. The "UC" put together stands for "YouSee" a hallmark of transparency and openness that the institution will uphold. "UC" & "YouSee" also stand for the organisation's commitment to show results in its work.
  3. The U in the UC stands for "Unlimited & United", conveying the idea that intellectual, financial, and human resources are available in plenty to address the challenges faced by the poor and disadvantaged people, but we need to apply these Unlimited resources in an United and integrated manner to achieve results.
  4. The C in UC stands for "Company & Care", indicating the institution's commitment to give Company and Care to the poor and disadvantaged, by improving thier opportunities for better livelihoods and enhancing quality of life.

UC is incorporated as "United Care Development Services" (UCDS), a not-for-profit company under section-25 of the Indian Companies Act 1956.

UC Values

The organization will nurture and stand for the following values

1. Openness and Transparency
2. Innovation
3. The four pillars house -4i- application of Integrity, Intensity and Intelligence, leading to Impact

UC Mission

The organization will work to minimise risks, improve livelihood opportunities and quality of life, especially for the very poor and disadvantaged people. This would be done by developing and providing products & services along the following thematic areas:

1. Education for creating
a. Livelihoods and
b. Capable, Concerned and Caring Citizens

2. Health for
a. People and
b. Planet (Energy and Environment related services)

3. Disaster relief services
4. Income generation activities and Old age security

UC Community

The work at UC is supported by a community of people who share an interest to support and promote the work that UC platform supports. This community consists of:

  1. Core Team which anchors the work at UC and also coordinates the efforts with all the other team members. It is comprised of
    • Fulltime Volunteers
    • Employees (currently none)
    • Part time Volunteers
  2. Student Interns
  3. Board

A significant pool of volunteers who continue to support the work at UC are alumni from the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions from Puttaparthi.

Join the Core Team

We do not have at UC any specific employment opportunities. The work at UC is largely driven by volunteers and interns. The couple of people who work fulltime at UC have come from this pool and take a modest compensation, upholding the spirit at UC, of promoting volunteer effort and social participation. Any additions to this team would ideally come through a similar route, after having been exposed and involved in its work for some time. Joining UC fulltime would require the person to make a conscious choice of committing to a work environment which calls for great personal involvement in the social causes that UC supports and being prepared to take a very modest compensation, reflecting the Giving spirit that UC promotes. Being an Ambassador of Giving is a role that every person at UC takes on, given that UC is a Giving Platform and a Philanthropy Exchange.

The funding model of the work at UC is designed around the PostPay Philanthropy model. This model works by prefunding of projects from UC’s corpus, followed by measurement and documentation of outcomes from such projects. Potential donors are then invited to view outcomes from such projects and opt to PostPay for these outcomes, rather than funding them in advance. This applies to meeting administrative costs at UC which inlcude paying the modest financial compensation to its Giving Ambassadors. UC's ability to add more persons to this pool depends on the PostPay Philanthropy trend.

UC Board Members

Mr. P S Gunaranjan founded UC in 2009 and is a full-time volunteer with UC. Prior to UC, Gunaranjan worked for 7 years with BASIX, a well-known social enterprise. Gunaranjan completed his MSc(Physics) and then an MBA in the year 2002 from the Sri Sathya Sai University at Puttaparthi.

Mr. G Satish Raju a consultant in the Insurance sector. He has worked in the corporate sector and was most recently the CEO of Swiss Re India Branch in Mumbai during 2018-2020. He has held various consultative and managerial positions with Swiss Re since 2001 including Director, Global Partnerships for South Asia during 2013-2018, and CEO of TTK Healthcare TPA Pvt Ltd during 2010-2013. He earlier worked in technical and commercial functions in the Oil & Gas Industry between 1990 and 2001. He has a B..Tech (Chemical Engg) qualification from IIT Kharagpur and a Management degree from IIM Ahmedabad.

Mr. Shashi Mohan Kothari is presently working as Accounts Consultant for small and medium size organizations. He worked as Senior Research Associate with S&P Capital IQ from April 2012 to October 2014. He completed his PGDM (MBA) from Aurora’s Business School, Hyderabad in 2012. He also worked as Accounts Executive with Agarwal & Italia (Chartered Accountant Firm, Hyderabad) for two years prior to his MBA. He interned at UC during his MBA course and continued to volunteer with UC since then. Shashi joined UC board in September 2014.

Former UC Board Members

Mr. N V Ramana is a senior consultant advisor in the development and agribusiness space.  He is currently the Director and Dean of the Aurora's School of Business, Hyderabad. He has in the past served as the Chairman on the boards of Indian Agri Business Systems Pvt Ltd and Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals and serves as Board member on a number of companies in the Livelihoods Development and Financial & Investment Advisory sectors. He held the office of Group CEO at BASIX Group of Companies India between 2006 and 2008; served as Managing Director of multiple group companies during his time with the group from 2001 to 2008. He began his career with the Agri Business division of the ITC group of companies and served there in various capacities for two decades. He has a Bachelors in Dairy Technology and a Management degree from IIM Ahmedabad. Mr. Ramana was the founding Board Member of UC and served on the Board until Sep,2014. He continues to provide his voluntary services to UC.