Volunteering and Internships

Besides providing a platform to participate in various volunteering opportunities listed on the Donate Time page, UC also welcomes fulltime volunteers and interns to support UC's activities and projects.

Volunteers and Student Interns are an integral part of UC team and have contributed with their skills and efforts to take UC's work forward. We welcome volunteers and interns to work with UC with the following objectives:

  • Opportunity to apply knowledge and skills to community service
  • Gain new skills and knowledge by doing on ground work
  • Opportunity to contribute to positive social change

In which area would an intern work?

UC as a Philanthropy Exchange platform gives an opportunity to volunteers and interns to work with a wide range of social causes. The project in which a volunteer/intern participates is based on their skills, their area of interest and the length and depth of engagement with the project. UC's website gives information about the range of activities and projects we support. We welcome students to read about our work, interact with other volunteers and interns who have worked in UC projects, visit and experience the work first hand and then plan for their volunteering/internship engagement with UC. Most projects at UC require real-time execution work, often requiring interns to multitask besides handling some core responsibilities.

Besides necessary skills applicable to specific areas of UC's work, Team Work, Empathy, Patience and Perseverance are key to UC's work, which is collaborative in nature.

Internships in the area of Information Technology

Students with background in Computer Sceince and Information Technology can also intern at UC in its efforts to develop and deploy Free and Open Source technology solutions for the social causes supported by UC. Students with interest in this area can go through the following page - FLap, which gives an overview of the IT initiatives that UC is promoting.

What are the requirements to be met by interns?

Interns must

  • adhere to planned timings during internship.
  • document the work and experiences on a weekly basis, so that it helps in reflection and learning.
  • ensure regular communication, with the team at work.

Interns should be willing to

  • do self planning.
  • work in unstructured situations.
  • learn new skills to contribute to the cause.

What is the duration of internships at UC?

We recommend internship engagements to be not less than 4 weeks full-time participation at UC.

At which place can I intern with UC?

UC's core team is currently located at Hyderabad and therefore, for an active internship engagement at UC, the place of internship at UC is suggested to be at Hyderabad. Interns are expected to take a call if interning at Hyderabad would be convenient for them and if they can make personal arrangement for stay at Hyderabad.

While most of the interns at UC have done their internship at Hyderabad, UC is open to the idea of having interns working in different locations. This would call for a detailed planning and day-to-day coordination between the intern and UC team. It is also recommended that the intern make a short visit or two to Hyderabad, for broader exposure to the kind of volunteer work being promoted by UC.

Are any payments made to Interns at UC?

Internships at UC are undertaken on a voluntary basis, integrating into the giving spirit that UC promotes. UC makes an effort to cover some of the travel and other incidental expenses that interns might incur as part the project work. Any such reimbursements covered are indicated by UC with respect to each project, based on its budgetary provisions.

Do I get an acknowledgement for my internship at UC?

Interns can receive a letter of acknowledgement from UC, which acknowledges the duration of engagement by the intern and the nature of activities undertaken by the intern at UC.

How to apply for Volunteering or Internship program at UC?

Students who wish to explore internship projects with UC can contact UC by writing to gunaranjan@yousee.in with the following information

You may also contact Mr. Gunaranjan at +91-9000183123 for any further information you may like to have from YouSee.

Who have been interning at UC?

We wish to acknowledge the contributions made by students who have worked on UC projects in the past and we list them below: