Volunteer Opportunities

Code for a Cause

Volunteer opportunity

If you are already familiar with programming or learning to code, we welcome you to join the team coding for the Free and Open Source applications developed and deployed by UC, especially in supporting Free Healthcare Services.

Gift Oral and Dental Health

Volunteer opportunity

Let us put our might behind preventive oral and dental health. Brush 2 times a day, for 2 minutes each time, with the right technique and follow a few other simple guidelines during the day, to keep your Oral and Dental Hygiene on top. Oral health is an important gateway for overall health. Let us protect the 32 diamonds(teeth) we are gifted with and help more to achieve good oral and dental health. Connect with us to join this effort.

Join the Journey - Health Awareness to Action

Volunteer opportunity

Take a one-question quiz daily on how your body works, how we can keep our body healthy and away from illhealth. Enlist others among your family, friends and colleagues, in the journey of awareness to action for positive health. Connect with us to join this effort.